Other random stuff or my excuse for posting here.

I began writing on my lap top  about our journey back in May of this year after a rather scary accident. More of that later.  To begin with it was more of a reflection on getting older, retiring abroad and the nagging question in my brain ( I gave every one a huge fright and spent 5 days in hospital) –  what should a grandmother really be doing in her 60s?  There are many words stored on my documents and I will plunder them occasionally.  I am sure I am not alone in feeling a little strange at the end of an era, turning 60 and retiring. I am delighted but it does take adjusting to. More recently I have been recalling the  actual journey from work and home in Scotland to retirement here in Spain .

I have taken the advice of younger friends and jumped in to this Word Press world.   It is good fun.  I have an overwhelming fear of appearing to be ego driven.  In fact this fear is in itself ego driven ,  remember Dickens’ very humble character? Turns out he was the worst type of villain!   However Word Press feels safe as I can enjoy writing, popping things out there and if people have time to read and comment then great.   My chapters/ posts therefore will hover between the story of our adventures so far and thoughts on what we have learned and are still learning and how it feels to live abroad, the order may be a little chaotic but that reflects the way my head and heart tend to work.

I am not alone, some of us retire happily with out a back word glance.  Others struggle with what to do with our  days.  For those with a spouse or partner, being with each other all day and entry day can be a challenge . Some fill those days with so much that they are almost as exhausted as when working but it does keep thoughts at bay.  Some travel the world , some become full time child minders or still have even more elderly parents to look after.   It is a rich and exciting tapestry and I am just beginning to realise that like our younger lives, there is no one right way to be ‘ an oldie’ , senior citizen ( aargh), aging baby boomer or simply a daft old bat – me?

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