It’s raining! Huerto up date and other stuff…

before the rain…..

I returned from a very soggy Scotland just over a week ago with the rather grim predictions of my environmental consultant son in law ringing in my ears. Richie reiterated the findings of scientists world wide and in particular the problems regarding water that already affect our part of Spain, spreading to northern Spain before the end of the century or sooner. It’s a contentious issue at the best of times here in Spain as much of our water is piped from the north ( google Trasvase Tajo – Seguro). This incredible feat of civil engineering was started in 1969. Thinking about the spaghetti westerns of the 1970s, shot in neighbouring Almeria for its desert like appearance and that the Trasvase was initiated around this time, it is fair to say that water, or the lack of it, has been a problem here for a very long time. That it is going to get much worse and that we may not be able to count on water from the north either is worrying to say the very least, not so much for us oldies but for future generations. Scary stuff.

With all of this whirling about in my brain, I came home to a message from my huerto buddy about a new line of riego that we had put down.. it was leaking and we had received a metaphorical slap on the hand from our administrator for allowing this to happen! Anne has sorted it now and guess what? It is raining and is forecast to do so over the whole Easter weekend! The rest of Europe, including Scotland is enjoying a sunny spring break, while the warmest, driest part of Spain is swathed in clouds, mist and torrential rain. Even the dry ramblas are running like the burns of my native tierra! Despite having two very bored and slightly wet smelling dogs , this is great. I know it won’t solve the problems facing our planet in the long term but I can’t wait to get back up to the huerto to see the effect on my spring planting. Stop press! I have two baby artichokes… despite my doubts as expressed in my previous blog. The two plants that I rather callously dug up and transplanted now have little fruits. This week , before the rain, I was also able to pick the first of the new salad leaves for a tasty supper. My tomato plants are flowering already and I have more to put in once the rain stops. The onions, peppers, aubergine, courgette, cucumbers and celery have all taken and are coming along nicely and I have dotted herbs, garlic and marigolds around everything to try and deter pests. Slugs and snails are not usually a problem but I suspect after this weekend, my lettuce might be in danger. Fingers crossed as well that everything has not been washed away! All going well and when the sun comes out again I think I can say that I am slowly learning what does and does not work. What is worth growing and what we will eat!

Feliz Pascua… Happy Easter…. Have a lovely sunny weekend!

One thought on “It’s raining! Huerto up date and other stuff…

  1. That’s such good news about the rain, Yvonne! Your huerto will flourish and anything that means not having to carry water (or rely on a leaky riego!) is good news. The environmental warnings are a huge worry, it’s hard to believe this part of northern Spain could ever be short of water but then it’s not an easy thing to imagine the possible total extinction of insects within 100 years, either. I do wonder what we’re leaving for our grandchildren, it’s a sobering thought. In the meantime, though, it’s a privilege to be outside enjoying the fresh air and trials and tribulations of the huerto. Happy gardening! 🙂


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