A little bit of wonderment

This is a picture story to remind myself that nature is incredible. It’s also a thank you to the universe or what ever energy is out there that allowed me to regain my health and confidence after last year’s bump! I’m just back from northern Spain and a couple of days with old friends who had walked 500kms along the Camino de Santiago. It was fabulous and inspiring as our little 60 something group was by no means the oldest and the atmosphere in Santiago was happy and positive. Prior to me sharing the celebrations in Santiago, we had had a wonderful week with our youngest and his girlfriend . It meant that as the girls finished their trek I couldn’t walk with them but I will be back to join the pilgrims! ( Walt too!)! Returning to our southern climate I was amazed once more by the diversity in this incredible country. Rain and 19C in Santiago and A Corruña ( worth a further explore) , 30C here and no rain on the horizon . Despite this and with little help from our riego , the huerto thrives. With no watering system, our forest remains green and the wild flowers attract lots of buzzy bees. Nature is indeed wonderful.

Bee heaven!

Wild flowers on our favourite hike
Our herb and wild flower patch at the Huerto – not watered!
Gazpacho soon ….
Ethel, quite rightly proud of completing her Camino


4 thoughts on “A little bit of wonderment

  1. A lovely, heartfelt post, Yvonne. Nature is without doubt the best medicine. It’s fascinating to compare your flower photos with what we have here, you certainly have a different range of species and as for those ripe tomatoes already – wow! Congratulations to your walking friends, it’s quite some trek. It looks like you had a wonderful time in Galicia, Green Spain is all set to be even greener after the current downpours, that’s for sure! Good luck on the Camino, let us know if you pass through Luarca and we’ll sort out some cafe y pasteles! If you only ever visit one place in this area, let it be here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsU4DSp80XM 🙂


    1. Thank you Lis. I love green Spain. My husband is up in the Picos next week on his motor bike! He will be a little too far away to pop in this time. Did you have a wonderful time with your family? How often do you see your grandchildren? We would love to visit you in the future and likewise you are most welcome here in the south… I would recommend any time other than July and August.. we struggle and even our Spanish neighbours have a good moan about the heat! The tomatoes love it however! Voy preparar la comida… ensalada del huerto! Que pases una buena semana. Yvonne x

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      1. Ah, we love the Picos, such fab walking . . . but too busy in the summer for us to want to live there. Thanks for your offer, now the house is finished we’re hoping to spread our wings and explore further afield, there is so much of the Peninsula to see, isn’t there? No chance of heading that far south in July and August though, we lived in Cyprus for several years so we’ve ‘done’ heat! We had a wonderful time with our family here, so relaxed and lots of fun (including a trip to that pasteleria!). Ironically, we see far more of them than we did when in the UK and working full time and it’s always a lovely get-together. Enjoy your lunch, can’t beat homegrown. Buen provecho!


  2. Walt is smitten. His photographs are incredible, green Spain is so beautiful. While Walt was in the Picos, I had a friend and former colleague to stay with her little girl. It was so hot, they both did very well to cope. We went to Lo Pagan and smothered ourselves in healing mud, a local Roman spa ( now very modern!) , the zoo and water park and of course the beach! I am exhausted. For 9 months of the year the weather here is perfect for the out door life we love but from mid June to mid September we are probably indoors more that any other time. We used to camp in Scotland but gave our tent to my son… possibly going to ask for it back and make tracks to Cantabria, Galicia and Asturias in future Murciano veranos! Was Cyprus hot all year round? I have never been there.
    Yes, Spain and Portugal are incredible countries, I think there is a life time of exploring ahead of us!
    I am back in Edinburgh for a few days ‘ childminding’ in August then we are all meeting up near Barcelona for a week by the sea and (hopefully ) a few degrees cooler than here! Enjoy summer in your very green and pleasant land! Y xx


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