No words..

It has been a few weeks since my last post and quite a lot has happened here in Calle Jacaranda. We are no longer in a State of Emergency and can move about more. This is a huge relief because as temperatures are now steadily in the 30s we can at last go to the beach to cool off! We do this during the week and can easily social distance. We are lucky as retirees..I think the social distancing at the weekends will be much more difficult. It does seem however as if the Policía Local and cruz roja (Red Cross) are keeping an eye on the beaches to prevent overcrowding. Strange times.

So strange that I am finding it hard to write. I have never in my life felt so over informed and yet have no idea what to believe (or who!) It is therefore a case of taking each day as it comes and being grateful for little joys and dealing with less happy moments as best I can. I reckon many people will feel the same. A new baby, saying goodbye to our lovely old lab , virtual birthdays , gently meeting up with friends face to face and being so thankful for the internet to stay in touch with those we can’t meet for a wee while yet.

Pictures paint a thousand words? Better at this time than I can ! I hope you are all well and coping with the ‘new normal’. Nothing normal about it I hear you say! However there are silver linings and there have been many bitter sweet moments throughout all the craziness! Here are some of ours!

The first sunflower blooms at the huerto.
Welcome baby Arthur Sydney. So grateful for this little one’s safe arrival. Can’t wait to meet you .
Our canes are a feat of engineering!
Rocky learning to socialise at the beach while the humans stay apart!
Wish you were here!
A sleepy head.
After a rainy spring, wild flowers still blooming at the huerto.
Happy 60th to my brother Chris. Zoomed ofcourse.
No crazy crowds here…
Rocky will miss you Ben. We all will .
Virtual milestones. Go Dougie
Echinacea and strange flying creatures!
Re learning to socialise..a lovely lunch with huerto neighbours.
Back at the beach..
Benny, captured for posterity by my wonderful friend Liz .( Liz at the Beach Hut)
Artichoke flowers growing wild..they never fruit but look amazing.
Back at the beach and back on the bike !
Our beautiful Ben..wanting toast. Sadly we had to say goodbye to him two weeks ago. He had been a fabulous friend for nearly 15 years.
And Rocky by Liz. Currently sleeping under the fan, it’s too hot even for this crazy boy!

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