The new direction is not clear at the moment..time simply to be!

No truth so sublime but it may be trivial tomorrow in the light of new thoughts. People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I finished my last ramble with a hint that the blog may be heading in a different direction… there was only one problem, writer of said blog has no idea what direction to go in! I have pottered about with bits of poetry, crazy 3am thoughts and reactions to other people’s writing and opinions then scrubbed the lot! ( see on line media and nonsense). Most of this ramble was written a month ago. Only two months to go until dose two of AZ! Only two weeks until the Scottish government makes its announcement on international travel, tension mounting! Therefore in its scrappy state, I am pressing the publish button on this post along with the quote above,which was also posted in an article by a much younger expat in foreign climes…. it made me feel better! Thank you! I’m off up to the huerto now, it’s a jungle after all the rain but wow! Lettuce, chard, onions, parsley, oregano, mint and coriander a plenty!

There’s always food to pick in’s níspero season and our huerto trees are providing plenty!

Nasturtiums , wandering wonderfully! It’s taken nearly four years but I think I’ve got a handle on the growing seasons now! My sweet peas should bloom very soon..before it’s too hot for anything so delicate.

My writer’s block therefore lead me to simply cataloguing ‘ More stuff’ that I have realised about life and myself during the pandemic.

1.Just because I am reading addict, I am not necessarily a writer. Result? Allowing myself just to read! Bliss.

A recent 25 cent Noah’s Ark purchase. I read the A Short History of Tractors in the Ukraine years ago. This was better! Excellent.
A Good Friday hike with neighbours…it’s Easter not Christmas…I think!

2. Time is bizarre, especially in a Murcian spring where one minute it’s warm enough for the beach and next day we have the stove on.

3. Couple this with year 2 of the pandemic starting …Easter feels like Christmas? Is it just me?

Walking in the rain..
And swimming in the Med!

4. Waiting another 3 or 4 months until I see my family no longer feels like the lifetime that it felt like last April. The patience gene is definitely being strengthened. Walt and I have had the first dose of the vaccine, only 3 months until the 2nd…no time at all!

5. My left eye begins to wander after two hours on a zoom class…not a reassuring look for my students !

6. I love not being on my computer but being outside or making stuff. I had no classes during Holy Week /Semana Santa. We went to the beach, had lunch with friends and hiked a new and beautiful route just a few kilometres from home. It was bliss. I do enjoy my teaching and until our state pensions kick in, I need to keep going but those few days were super special!

New fabric …new projects!

7. Despite my wandering left eye, I am so grateful for technology. A chat this morning with a very special friend in Scotland, story time last night with the bairns and a chat with my brother in the afternoon, my online employment and fabric arriving from Germany for my next project, none of which would have been possible without my trusty old HP. ( it’s nearly 10 but Walt is very clever and keeps it going for me. He is on Zen and push bike maintenance today, Monday it was the motorbike. I am hoping that little Red, our 11 year old Hyundai is next in the queue for some TLC!)

Suze admiring the view!

8. I start sentences with ‘so’, ‘and so’ OK and ‘well’ far too frequently. I realised this earlier today when describing ‘filler’ words to students. Oh dear! Time for a cup of tea.

9. I need to keep busy , it’s my way of meditating, but sometimes my 63 years catch up with me and I need to nap!

10. I would much rather have a proper newspaper and books but technology does fill the gap a little. The trick I think is to keep online media in its place…most of it is nonsense! When we we allowed to leave our municipality recently, I took some clothes and books to a British run charity shop some 40 minutes away. They have a huge book section with paperbacks costing 25 cents! Result! That’s my summer ,when it’s too hot to do much, sorted!

And so …( two conjunctions at the beginning of a sentence…naughty) I can only sum up by writing that life goes on pretty much as normal here in the unpredictable Mediterranean spring…lots of rain, cuckoos, frogs at night and almost as green as northern Spain…for a couple of months. We are still not able to leave the region or travel to Scotland and that is the hardest part of all this but we still have so much to be grateful for. I began this blog three years ago almost as a diary of our adventure. I have made friends and had some wonderful chats because of it. I have learned through it. I would love the chats to continue and to hear more from you even if the blog doesn’t! Hasta pronto! Abrazos y besos. Xxxxx

Some of Murcia’s spring flowers…


6 thoughts on “The new direction is not clear at the moment..time simply to be!

  1. Always lovely to hear your news. I find it hard to reply as I seem to always be too busy. This week it’s keeping no1 son & partner calm as they put in an offer on a local property. Keeping everything crossed.
    Also driving Mum to an appointment – just the fact that it’s not my usual Tuesday visit, and is much earlier in the day – cheers me up. I’m officially only permitted to see her for 4 hrs, once a week, but that rule should ease soon.
    I’m hoping to start regular walks with a newly single girlfriend – she is superfit so wish me luck.
    My other half turns 60 in June but “doesn’t care to celebrate” so we may have a meal delivered & sit out if the weather obliges. Still awaiting notice of 2nd Vaccine but I test twice weekly courtesy of working in Education dept.
    Got to go – house viewing beckons…
    Love & thoughts to you & yours, G xx

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  2. Don’t ever say that you aren’t a writer. I loved reading this because I can relate to much of it. We are still “trapped” here in rural Japan. We can leave….. but to deal with all the travel issues now plus having to pay the 400 USD per per for 5 days of quarantine to go to Saipan to see the kids and grandkids…impossible. My husband lost his job due to covid and a year later he’s still unemployed. I do what I can to generate income. Anyway- I guess we all just have to do the best we can do. For us older folks time is running as we say back on Saipan.


    1. Dear Mrs Gumboots. Thank you so much for your lovely message and comments. You are a beautiful writer. I have never been to Japan and suspect that it would be out of our budget! I would live’s good to dream even as we get older. We are very fortunate, living a simple but full life here on small pensions and my Englush teaching. Japan fascinates me and your blogs are a window in to the real Japan. You are having a tough time and it seems to be still so restricted but your writing is gentle and calm, you create the sense of polite tranquillity that I imagine is a big part of your adopted country. I hope some normality returns for you soon.
      I think I ran out of things to write on the theme of living in a foreign country when I realised that Spain no longer felt foreign! I think perhaps the growing older part might be my next area for a blog but I am finding the aging process quite contradictory! Not sure if I love it or hate it! Time is definitely running. In the meantime i will enjoy your blogs and a glimpse in to beautiful Japan. Stay safe. Besos y abrazos.

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      1. You are quite welcome. I fully understand the life of small pensions! That’s our life as well. I’ll be looking forward to your future posts whether about life in Spain or aging- it’s all interesting to me because I can relate. So nice to meet you here in blogland. 🍁🍂


    2. Ooft! For an English teacher, I have just re read my earlier message to you…several spelling / typo mistakes. Apologies. I hope you are having a peaceful weekend. It is finally cooling down a little here and the light is much kinder than the bleached white sun light of July and August. Time to walk the dog and enjoy the breeze!

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      1. Never worry about typos or mistakes! I’m not into being the grammar police. You might even see mistakes in my posts. I use my phone or iPad to blog and when I have time for blogging you can rest assured that I’m tired. Tiredness and autocorrect always allow some sort of errors to get through.


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