After the rain…

Or maybe just ‘ during a break in the rain’! This week began with a calima or Saharan sand cloud turning the sky red and our garden brown . The rain that followed, thankfully cleaned away much of the sand and then continued to fall continuously for the rest of the week! Murcia is now green Spain and in a break between showers I made it up to the huerto.

What’s all this brown stuff? My paws are mucky!

The world is in such a sorry state at the moment and I have no words nor understanding of it but I also know how fortunate I am to have the garden to reset my mind and heart. These are just a few photos of my project this morning, the beautiful huerto and wee cat who always joins us when we are working.

Our own compost bin…

The administration of the huerto or allotments is managed as part of our urbanization community and employs a team of organic gardeners to maintain the watering system , fruit trees and communal spaces between each individual plot. They are very particular about the compost bins which are restricted to green waste from the huerto only. Our patio garden is too small for a decent compost bin so for the last couple of years, Anne and I have composted our household vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds and cardboard in an upside down dustbin! We have produced lovely compost and lots of worms! In our (normally) dry, stoney ground this is fantastic. However the plastic dustbin collapsed and is now in the recycling bin..replaced by a small but perfect purpose built bin. My project this morning , to put it together and start filling it! Simple pleasures! I love it.

Once I finished tucking the bin into its corner, I picked some tasty odds and ends from our own plot and the communal garden while wandering round and enjoying the plants that are loving the rain and the blackbirds who were in full voice. A lovely couple of hours away from it all. Home now for a homegrown salad ! Very grateful.

Cosy in the corner.
Pear tree blossoms.
Communal artichokes.
Baby figs and new leaves…spring is on it’s way.
Our wee companion
Lemon blossom..citrus trees never stop working!
I always thought these were a 1990s dinner party fad…but they are very tasty and good for you too! Physalis from the communal garden
Lunch !
The communal and very successful compost bins.

5 thoughts on “After the rain…

  1. It all looks so lovely, Yvonne -I can almost smell that citrus blossom! We had a fall of the Saharan dust here, too (the kale and purple sprouting broccoli are coming in from the patch still splattered in it! ) but only one day of showers, otherwise it’s very dry and sunny and I’m looking hopefully to the skies for the first swallows. I am completely with you on the wonderful therapy to be had in the garden, the whole world seems to have gone mad(der) over the last couple of years and it’s certainly with my hands in the earth that I find solace. We are so blessed to have such precious patches of soil. Happy gardening! x


  2. Hello Yvonne, so nice to read a post from you😊. Indeed it seems the wheels and the axel have fallen off the bus on planet earth. My heart aches for all the suffering happening. While we definitely don’t ignore the plight of those in need- we have given to organizations who are helping especially the mothers and children fleeing war- it’s important to focus on the good and positive things within our lives and help others to focus on the good and positive things in their own lives. While I haven’t got a vegetable garden like I used to, I do fill the outside with plants that will thrive in the little outdoor space we have. I once read a very interesting article about a study done in the UK. They found certain microbes in the soil that actually contributed to our mental health. So interesting! Anyway- I’ve been away from blogging for a long time but I might start up again soon. I’ve been teaching online about 20 hours a week- no complaints though because it’s been a godsend. Looking forward to your next post when you have time 🌸

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    1. Dear Mrs N, how lovely to hear from you. You are absolutely correct about finding the good and positive in our lives. So much to be grateful for. I have also been teaching roughly 20 hours a week online and am therefore desperate to get away from my laptop , even sweeping the patio is a relief from a screen! I have great students however and learn as much from them as I teach! My husband and I have a new project which I will write about soon but needless to say that between work and the new project, my blog is neglected. I would love to read more about your life in Japan and look forward to your return to blogging. Take care. Yvonne

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      1. Lovely to read your blog again. Six hours a day on line is a lot. I average 4 and a half a day and was exhausted by Easter. We then decided to go camping in our old VW van then I went to Scotland to help my daughter with Arthur ! Five days running after a toddler ….what holidays! At 64, I still feel pretty active but do get tired much more quickly! The joys of getting old!

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