Not moaning about the weather…well maybe a wee bit!

7am walkies.

After a very wet spring …almost six weeks of heavy rain between March and May , slowing down the growth on the huerto and curtailing long hikes as our soil is a pale clay that turns walking boots into diving boots when wet…we made a promise not to moan about the inevitable long, hot summer! It has been difficult! Almost as soon as the rain stopped we had a very unseasonal heat wave at the end of May and first two weeks of June. Temperatures reaching 37 on one day!

Our visitors have started to return beginning with Walt’s brother and his wife. They all escaped on motorbikes to the Picos de Europa while I stayed in my cave, teaching and walking Rocky before 7am.. it was a bearable 18 or 19 degrees until around 9 then up it would crank again! It is a good feeling however seeing the sun come up and we are much earlier risers now than in the winter. The problem is however that to enjoy dinner and relax in the evening, we have to stay up later! Siestas are crucial!

Sun rise over Torreguil
Heading to cooler climes!
The Barbours in the Picos. Look at that sky!

Our visitors however have loved it…pool , beach , a potter in the huerto and picking lemons for home made lemonade!Seeing our home from the perspective of others and appreciating just how lucky we are has balanced the moan factor and watching two years old Arthur cope brilliantly in 30 + degrees ( they had a slightly cooler week after a brilliant thunderstorm cleared the air) was amazing. He is a wee blondie but his Daddy was born in Malaysia and his Grandma on Dad’s side is Australian. Maybe that has something to do with his resilience !

Celebrating …my youngest Davie married the beautiful Laura quietly in Edinburgh in the morning ..and then to Murcia in the evening!
¡ Felicidades!
Time out from busy lives …
Arthur showing us how to keep cool!

Temperatures are on the up again this week with weather warnings ⚠️. The predicted Scottish heatwave looks wonderful ..24 in Edinburgh, bliss! I suppose it’s all relative! We are planning our first big adventure with Ziggy and as luck would have it, the ‘cooler’ northern Spain is about to experience a heat wave! Trying not to moan! Watch this space for our escape plans!

I have just spent a couple of hours in the huerto and as always, despite the heat, feel the sense of calm our beautiful communal space and own little parcela gives me. Bringing home more lemons , lettuce, tomatoes and our first garlic harvest also makes me happy. The bees were loving it too, especially the lavender. Time to be indoors now until 4 or 5ish when we will go for a swim and chat to our neighbours about….the weather! Hace demasiado calor 😥 . It’s reassuring that we are not the only ones finding it just a little too hot!

Our little lemon oasis!

9 thoughts on “Not moaning about the weather…well maybe a wee bit!

  1. Ah Yvonne, it’s so lovely to see all those happy family photos! At last, after everything Covid threw at you, how wonderful to be making up for lost time . . . and is that really ‘baby’ Arthur?! What a gorgeous little boy. The ice cream looks like the best idea in that heat. I’d like to say I don’t envy you those temperatures but we’re at the beginning of a heatwave here and forecast an unbelievable 38C in the next few days – without the rainfall you had in the spring, the garden is already looking a bit desperate. It’s so different to Asturias (although we do have a much bigger harvest here)! Have a great time in the north with Ziggy, where are you heading? Bonnes vacances! x


    1. 38! It’s incredible. The plume of heat seems to be coming up the west side of the peninsula, even parts of Cantabria and Asturias are forecast to be in the 30s this week. Thankfully back to normal 28/29 next week! That’s where we’re heading..again! We would love to explore the Pyrenees but that involves a stop over in the Costa Brava / Cataluña area and it’s far too busy at this time of year. Is water likely to be a problem for your garden or do you save it / use grey water etc? I am a dab hand at 60 second showers but am amazed that we are never asked to restrict water consumption, just be sensible! In this ares, it seems amazing that there are no shortages…Tajo- Segura? When are you off to the UK? Yx

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      1. Ah, say hola to Asturias from me – a bit on the warm side but hopefully still very green! Water is definitely going to be a problem here, we have installed extra butts so we have over 2000L of rainwater but it doesn’t last long in these conditions, even with minimal watering. What we need is a wetter winter and spring! Every scrap of grey water goes out: we shower with the plug in and bail out and I have a bucket in the kitchen for everything else. It’s amazing that you don’t have any restrictions, there will certainly be hosepipe bans, etc, here if this continues. As for the UK . . . cue a herniated disc and so much pain I can’t sit for more than two minutes so I’ve had to stay at home alone. Roger had to go because his mum was staying with us and needed to get back so he has been handing out extra hugs on my behalf. Rubbish timing and I’m very sad, just trying to get back on my feet now before Sarah and family arrive next week. It’s very frustrating but c’est la vie, I suppose! x


      2. Oh no, how horrible for you in so many ways. Is your new grandson part of the family coming next week? I hope you feel much better and can enjoy their visit. Backs are tricky and mercurial, are you getting any physio or help from Dr with pain? Take care, stretch gently and get better soon Lis. Besos .

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      3. Thank you, Yvonne! I had the same thing 10 years ago and medical advice hasn’t changed so I’m self-treating at home, I did manage a little bit of time in the garden yesterday which is progress! Sadly, it won’t be Baby coming next week so I shall have to wait for my first cuddle but I did receive some beautiful photos of him with his rainbow cotton blanket delivered by Roger, a lot of Granny love went into every stitch so I’m there with him in spirit if nothing else! Hope you are staying cool and comfortable. x

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      4. The ‘ola de calor’ broke here in Asturias last night. Sitting outside the van with a cup of tea, I even had a fleecy on last night! Aturias says ‘hello Lis and get well soon’. What an interesting región, we have been high up in the mountains then come in to old mining towns with blocks of 1960s social housing/ the Asturian miners rows? We are now at the coast just outside Gijon and our cliff walk this morning reminded me of Fife! I hope that everyday sees you able to spend more time in your garden. Take care. Yx

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      5. Ah yes, the mining areas are not so pretty. Quite an interesting history there, though. That wild coastline is amazing, had me thinking ‘Celtic’ in so many places. Enjoy the rest of your trip, I’m glad the heat has broken. Also very glad we’re not having to make the trip down through southwest France this year! No fires here but it’s incredibly hot and the garden is parched. I managed to lie in bed and read a bit this morning then a gentle walk up the lane – both huge improvements so fingers crossed. Happy holiday! x


  2. Hello there.
    How wonderful to welcome your family visitors with home grown fruit & veg. I took about 15 sticks of rhubarb to Mum’s Abbeyfield today. In a week or so our blackcurrants will be ready, usually over 6lbs of fruit from each of the two bushes. I’ve been out ’til 21:30 this eve weeding.
    It’s been less hot today but the last 3 have been over 26°.
    On Sat 9th we went to Liz’s Exhibition in Coldingham. We’d tried a few weeks back but someone had lost the hall key! No bother we paid L a brief visit at the house then headed to Burnmouth, down the coast. It’s got loads of interesting geology and we loved exploring. As a bonus we saw 2 dolphins, briefly, & lots of seals.

    This time Liz was just walking out as we arrived and she gave me the biggest hug. We had a great chat and she explained some of her pictures. Then she confided in us – and introduced Allan, a lovely unassuming chap. I’m so glad we got the chance to see her before she moves south. Tim and I both chose a picture & cards to buy. Then we headed down to St Abbs for lunch & a leisurely wander around the village. After a couple of hours there I called in again to see Liz. There had only been a few viewers in the whole afternoon but she was as positive as ever.
    Anyway, we said our last farewells and had another hug. I’m so glad you introduced me to her, about 6 years ago?

    It must have been lovely for you to welcome David & Laura – on their Wedding Day! What beautiful photos, and then to have Arthur, H & R to stay too. And Walt’s brother & his wife.
    More fun photos. Thank you.
    I’ve had a crazily busy few weeks!
    Hazel stayed with us for a few days then I had an end of term concert and the P7’s last day; an evening Wedding reception, two Barge trips – one with Abbeyfield residents the 2nd with Nitten Folk – buffet on outward journey, singing all the way back, 2 special Birthdays, and free tickets for an amazing concert, the Spooky Men’s Chorale – look them up, they’re great fun.
    Plus, I’ve started swimming regularly & going to a seated Yoga class with a Folk Club pal, Mags, who’s recently had spinal surgery. It’s great to treat myself, and very relaxing.
    Tim also saw a deer giving birth! – in the field at the end of our garden. I grabbed my camera to film the fawn, so beautiful and amazing to see its first steps. They been back a few times, but I’m a bit peeved when they help themselves to my wild orchids and garden carnations! They also enjoy our apples, usually overnight. Mark spies them on our security cameras. We are so spoilt with our location. Mustn’t complain.
    Must stop & press send!
    All the best to you both & your families,
    with love, Gillian x

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