Rocky goes on holiday

A picnic in the shade, boy it was hot!

5 thoughts on “Rocky goes on holiday

  1. I was writing it for the wee ones and thought I’d try the story post but it didn’t work when published! It’s saved on draft so I can show it to Anna(6) who loves Rocky to bits! To be honest , I forgot it would be shared with followers when I pressed publish! How are you? Have you had rain? Yx


  2. What a shame! I thought it was something I was doing wrong with the computer, I’m still a bit of a techno idiot. 😂 Do you have the next Ziggy adventure planned? Yes, we’ve had rain at long last, nowhere near enough but the butts are full and at least we’re let off watering duty for a while. Has it cooled with you yet, you must be glad to see September? 😊 I felt like I’d pretty much healed last week, it was so good to be mobile and comfortable again . . . so I got way too busy in the garden and now I can barely walk again. How stupid was that???? 😬 It’s really frustrating when we have so much food to process, we’re certainly making up for 10 years of no tomatoes and the apple harvest has begun so we’re pressing juice – at least I can do chopping if nothing else. Have you seen Eva’s lovely blog from Galicia? She writes in English and Spanish so I thought it might be a good one for your students! x


    1. Oh no, so frustrating. It’s really hard not to go full tilt when you feel a little better. I have a TENS machine I bought when I put my pelvis out 10 years ago. It straps round my middle. My Mum was very ill at the time but my Dad insisted on having the whole family for Christmas. I was able to manhandle a very large turkey thanks to my gadget! A week earlier I couldn’t stand up! Is standing more comfortable than sitting? Still very hot here but earlier sun set and later sunrise means cooler nights , no rest rain just messy calima stuff. We love Galicia, will definitely have a read of Eva’s blog. Take care , I hope you feel better very soon. 💖

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      1. Gracias, Yvonne – I’m determined this has to end soon! The healthcare here is fantastic, I’m having two hours of physio a week starting with a long session on a giant TENS machine, which is like being padded by a giant cat with soft, tingly paws! Standing is easier than sitting, lying down most comfortable of all but it just isn’t me. Hoping some cooler weather and decent rain reaches you soon, I bet you’re looking forward to some huerto time again. 😊 There’s a huge thunderstorm rolling in here so time to switch the internet off in case we get zapped again. Hasta luego. xx


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