Invierno en Murcia

Woolly hat time!

Winter isn’t really winter here in Murcia.  In the last week temperatures have fallen , we have had  rain and a thunder storm and things are greener again.  It is cold enough for the duvet at night and the pellet burner for a couple of hours in the evening but still warm enough to take a cup of tea and my knitting outside in the middle of the day. ( I really do sound like grandma don’t I!?) It’s the first Sunday in Advent, how did that happen?  For all the sadness and stress that 2020 has brought with it, the time has flown and here we are nearly at Christmas.  Do I miss the cold winter , crisp frosty mornings , snow and ice?  Not really!  Last night was cold and clear here with a beautiful moon and hundreds of stars. Taking Rocky for his late night comfort break , smelling the wood smoke from neighbours’ burners and loving the winter sky is enough! Today once the Sunday walkers have gone home for their lunches we will head for the hills.

Veggie haggis for St Andrew’s day! It didn’t really taste like haggis but tasty none the less.

One week later and it’s the holiday weekend for the feast of the Immaculate Conception ( I think), we have had our hike for the day! Walt well wrapped up !   It has been considerably cooler this weekend, so much so that we had the burner on most of the day yesterday.  Very unusual.  We had been invited to a lovely lunch at our neighbours way back in July at the end of the first state of alarm and finally returned their hospitality on Saturday, the sun came out and we managed to sit out , socially distanced and well wrapped up for a three hour lunch.  As there will be no going to Scotland this Christmas this was our Christmas socialising!  Eventually  it got a little too chilly and we all retired to our individual homes and firesides!

Christmas ‘night out’ on the roof!!

Life is very slow and quiet here as it is for so many and my writing has slowed down as well.  I have been knitting, cooking, gardening,walking and teaching. No adventures or trips planned . Walt does short runs on  Suze to keep her fit and himself sane but can’t go far.  We think that by Wednesday we may be allowed a little further but still within the region……

Out and about but still within the municipality of Murcia.
The huerto enjoying sunny days and rainy nights. ( The snails are also enjoying the cabbages!)
A ramble that took us under the motorway!

It’s the last weekend in advent and slightly warmer during the day . Winter here really is for softies…perfect! It’s colder in the house than outside in the middle of the day. What a strange year this has been . Coffee in the huerto with my gardening partner this morning in a gentle warm sun . Neither of us even thinking about heading back to blighty this Christmas and agreeing that while we are so grateful to live in such a beautiful place, the fact that we can’t go or make plans has been the hardest part of this year. Rach sent me Penny and Anna’s nursery nativity video …it was brilliant. Well done to their teachers. A wonderful present even if it did make me greet just a wee bit !!

As hoped we are now allowed to go beyond our municipality…we all went to the beach this week. Had a lovely long walk and …..a coffee in a beach side cafe! Appreciating the things I took so much for granted before.

Bolneuvo, our favourite beach

The wonderful winter light ..
Mrs Hippo’s shiny motorbike.  No not me! A zoom story for my wee ones in Edinburgh. They sat still and listened!  Wish I could give them a proper cuddle goodnight.
Walt decided to cycle to the top of a mountain..he made it…loco? Si!
No party shoes this year…this lot sums up our life pretty accurately!
It’s a dog’s life!

Marmalade…all the oranges and lemons are free!

A wee ride out, still in our region but so many beautiful roads and villages to explore.

On our run to Caravaca and Aledo on Sunday we passed the site of a Roman villa, Moorish castles and finished at a Moorish tower (above) which sits on a prehistoric ( millions of years old!)coral reef. The night before we had had a pre Christmas family zoom but it was preceded by the Scottish first minister’s special bulletin regarding much tougher new rules and not the relaxation that many were hoping for. Our family had decided before this to keep things low key anyway but it was the suddenness of the announcement and then the closing of borders to UK travellers that seemed to add to the general feeling that our va va voom has been given a hard dunt. The Roman villa and Moorish castles reminded me that life goes on and it will go back to normal . This strange year will become simply history too.  Hang on in there. Enjoy the little things.  Send love across the ether.   Just because we can’t physically be with our loved ones doesn’t mean they don’t know how much we love them.

Have a peaceful, healthy and happy Christmas.  We think our young neighbours are joining us for our Christmas day hike…watch this space..I might need oxygen or be totally embarrassed as they make light work of Pico de Águila while I puff and pant some way behind!  What ever you do, have a wonderful day.

Castillo de la Asomada ….this little nativity is built at the top of the mountain ( steep, steep , scree lined ascent but actually still really just a hill) that Walt cycled, pushed?his bike to! Feliz navidad.

One thought on “Invierno en Murcia

  1. This is a lovely post, Yvonne! Your photos really capture the spirit of your surroundings and life in a Murcian winter. Have to agree about not missing snow and ice! It’s certainly a very strange Christmas for everyone but good that you have managed a little bit of socialising and a precious nativity video. We had a family video party ~ three countries, four families, five very excited children, carols, a quiz and a lot of laughter ~ definitely not the same as being with them, but I’m thankful that we have the technology that allows us virtual contact and that we are all safe and well. Warmest wishes to you and Walt (and Rocky, of course!) for a happy and peaceful Christmas in the sunshine, enjoy that mountain hike! x 🥰


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